High Jump Equipment in Achintee

High Jump Equipment in Achintee

There are a number of different pieces of high jump equipment that we supply including landing mats, measuring stands and laths for varying performance standards.

Athletics Equipment UK Suppliers in Achintee

Athletics Equipment UK Suppliers in Achintee

We supply specialist athletics equipment for high jump events and facilities at schools, universities, leisure centres and professional clubs.

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High Jump Equipment in Achintee 

Here at High Jump, we supply specialist athletics equipment for high jump events and facilities at schools, universities, leisure centres and professional clubs. If you would like more expert advice on high jump equipment in Achintee our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Having the right kind of high jump equipment in Achintee IV54 8 is vital to ensure you get the most out of your sporting facility, and that it is safe for those who use it. We offer a range of specialist track and field equipment and accessories to suit school, club and international standard facilities. You can choose from numerous designs to meet the requirements of your organisation with regards to performance, ability and budget.

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The first piece of high jump equipment that we can supply is a professional landing mat http://www.highjump.org.uk/landing-mats/highland/achintee/ which provides a soft area for athletes to complete their jumps. These specialist safety mattresses are extremely flexible and are made using the best heavy-duty, anti-slip PVC covers.

Each tracking and field high jump landing mats we supply come in a range of area sizes and have carrying handles on each side for quick and easy transportation. We can also supply specialist wear sheets and covers to protect the mat and prevent damage or wear and tear. Timber base pallets can be supplied to keep the landing mat off the ground and prevent water damage to the foam. These can be easily stored and quickly assembled for use when needed.

In order to allow accurate scoring for jumps, we also provide a number of high jump stands which range in height depending on the user level. These measuring stands start from junior school level of up to 2m and move up to clubs and finally international IAAF standard of up to 2.72m. Depending on who will be using your local athletics area, we will offer advice on the best type of high jump equipment to choose for measuring in competitive events.

If you would like to find out more information and learn how we can benefit your facility in Achintee IV54 8 get in touch with us today!

Athletics Equipment UK Suppliers Near Me

As the athletics equipment, UK suppliers market leader another of the specialist high-jump accessories we supply is the professional IAAF fibreglass crossbars, also known as laths. The athletes will have to jump over the crossbar without it falling off to ensure a legal jump. These come in a number of specifications for use in -

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

up to international levels to meet UK Athletics or IAAF governing body.

The most popular track and field high jump crossbar design used in schools are made using an elastic cord with foam sections surrounding it. This track and field high jump lath specification is ideal for use in practice and recreational events as it provides a safe environment for training.

For clubs and IAAF international standards, a fibreglass crossbar with plastic ends will typically be used. These high-jump laths are approved for use in competitive events to offer professional athletes the best performance qualities. We can offer these specialist sport accessories in a range of designs to suit your budget and requirements to ensure a personalised athletics facility at your organisation.

UK Athletics and IAAF are the athletic governing bodies in the UK to specifications with height of stands are set out by them. We will supply these different types of equipment along with a high jump construction http://www.highjump.org.uk/high-jump-construction/highland/achintee/ if you choose to include them with the surfacing.

Recreational Sporting Organisations

Recreational sporting organisations in Achintee IV54 8 can refer to the Amateur Athletic Association as AAA. This is the earliest body for sports and it was around prior to UK Athletics. AAA still exists to represent the volunteer area for the activity - not to govern.

The AAA is working in a variety of educational institutions and sports clubs in Britain. Competitions are organised by the AAA, in conjunction with open forums and other activities to develop younger people into sports athletes. These competitive events aid to better kids for potential sports & athletics careers.

One other job that's given to the Amateur Athletic Association is safeguarding the historical past of this sport. High-level athletes are rewarded with valuable and historic medals and trophies by the AAA. A lot more people are becoming interested in athletics because of the AAA.

To enhance the levels of contribution in sports with young people, the AAA operate National Championships in educational institutions over the UK. The Amateur Athletic Association typically give money to these activities to pay for sponsorships and various sports equipment. Considering that the group currently represents the volunteering part of this sport, UKA and British Athletics are the governing authorities. To find out more contact us today!

Track and Field Standards

The organisation creates new track and field standards for different athletics events annually that's then released. These requirements depend on the results of previous years and create four unique grades which the very best athletes get listed into. The performance requirements for the athletic events are created by databases of information collated throughout the years and this is modified every two years.

These kinds of requirements are given to children with badges along with certificates. Plaques will also be given away, by the Amateur Athletic Association, to children which achieve Grade 1 which raises the amount or individuals who engage in athletics. There's also a charity which will help young athletes begin their careers by offering them small grants or loans; this organisation is named AAA Charity for the Young.

Smaller Sized Athletic Features Near Me

Setting up smaller sized athletic features and a lot more cost-effective sporting areas is becoming more popular for organisations aiming to supply beginner's chances. A lot of schools are finding it difficult to update their sports equipment for a number of athletics activities, which means that youngsters can’t participate in these types of sports activities.

This could be because of a shortage of spending budget or not a sufficient amount of outdoor space for the school to install on. Styles and specifications can be changed to match distinct spending budgets and requirements. Fundamental skills may also be developed with the aid of these compact activities like high jump, given that young children could enhance their running, throwing and even jumping.


By setting up various athletic equipment or facilities, youngsters are able to get involved with an array of activities for a far more varied experience. Some of the widely selected features can include -

  • Shuttle run tracks
  • Throwing areas
  • Jogging circuits

Multi activity facilities can be created by building a single track; this can be utilised for long jump, relay races, hurdles and many others.

In both primary and secondary schools that can’t have a full-sized running track, this makes a great alternative that's much less expensive as well as occupies far less space. A good reason why getting a multiple sports space installed is advantageous for young people is because it allows them to try different events and find one that they enjoy, that may lead them to additional opportunities in their lives.

A major problem in the existing sporting provision is a lack of developing facilities which are created for beginners and young people at the early stages of the athlete progress model. It's been advised these sports activities need to be made accessible to youngsters from as little as primary school up to Key Stage 4. A new set of guidelines has been made by UKA to ensure sports and also athletics equipment and facilities become more accessible to younger people.

This offers a cost-effective, versatile, entry-level solution which uses eye-catching designs and colours built to appeal to new participants.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to receive more information regarding the high jump equipment we can supply for your closest facility. Simply fill in the enquiry form above to speak to one of our experts today!

School Sporting Provisions

For establishments with limited spending budget along with space, the compact sports and athletics facilities produce a perfect option for training simple FUNdamental skills within a variety of sporting activities.

  • Throwing circles
  • Running straights
  • Jumping runways

are among some of the most popular components of these kinds of recreational surfaces.

When there's a shortage of space, we are able to decrease the size and design of particular sports and athletics facilities for school sporting provisions. The flexibility of the design of compact sports and athletics facilities ensures that they are related to a variety of situations. Current sports activity and play provisions in schools, colleges and universities could be made better by setting up the compact sports and athletics facility.

Children of each school key stages may benefit from personal growth when learning additional skills through diverse sporting activities. They create an exciting addition to any kind of existing sports and athletics facilities which help improve involvement from pupils. Smaller sized facilities are a cost-effective option offered to virtually any -

  • School
  • College
  • Sports club

If you would like the children at your establishment to develop physical education abilities, our recommendation is that you have a smaller sized facility put in as FUNdamentals are introduced.

The creation of a broad network of compact athletics facilities is a key part of UKAs ambition to capture the interest and need for the sport. Since the IAAF and IPC World Championships are going to be hosted in London in 2017, it's expected more and more young children will start to become involved. When utilizing such compact athletics facilities and equipment, young children might find a particular activity which they like and could join a professional club - assisting to develop contribution in athletics.

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Please contact us if you’d like to discuss all of the high-jump accessories we have to offer for nearby  -

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Athletic clubs

near me. We will be able to advise you on the best options for your facility as well as giving an idea on costs for track & field high jump equipment such as landing mats, base pallets, crossbars and measuring stands.

If you fill in the contact form we can provide information on the various high jump equipment in Achintee IV54 8 because you need to be mindful that the cheap prices are not always the best. There is a massive difference in quality between a cheap high jump landing mat for example to a premium heavy duty safety matting IAAF specification.

We can advise on the best value and as the athletics equipment UK suppliers market leader we are able to offer you all the options from cheap to the best available.

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