High Jump Fans in Allanbank

High Jump Fans in Allanbank

We specialise in the installation of professional and recreational high jump fan surfaces with supply of equipment to schools, universities and clubs.

Athletics Surfacing Specialists in Allanbank

Athletics Surfacing Specialists in Allanbank

High jump fans are popular in athletics facilities and we can provide both polymeric and Multisport synthetic surface designs for these.

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High Jump Fans in Allanbank

We specialise in installing professional and recreational high jump fan surfaces with a supply of equipment to schools, universities and clubs for their . 

If you'd like to install a brand new High Jump fan in Allanbank our friendly and experienced team will help.

High jump fans in Allanbank ML7 5 are popular for athletics facilities at many

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Clubs

and we can install these to various specifications. Our company services include the construction of specialist high jump surfacing to a range of performance standards.

We can create designs for polymeric EPDM rubber surfacing and Multisport needle punch synthetic turf, each providing different characteristics for practice and competitive events.

Our high jump fans installation services can cover varied price ranges dependent on specifications and existing surface conditions.

A bespoke company quote may be devised to ensure you have a price that suits your budget requirements, so please fill in our contact form for more pricing details.

As well as the installation of high-jump fans, we also offer various types of equipment for high jump areas so you can make the best use of your sporting facility.

These include specialist high jump landing mats, crossbars and stands to measure jump heights to IAAF standards in competitions.

Each piece of equipment comes in a range of price options and designs to suit what you are looking for.

Our expert staff will be able to advise you on the best type of high jump fans equipment for your particular facility.

best prices guaranteed we offer free no obligation quotations


Athletics Surfacing Specialists Near Me

As athletics surfacing specialists in Allanbank ML7 5 we can also maintain high-jump fans to help keep the surface performing to its best.

These services could include drag brushing and redistribution of sand infill in a Multisport synthetic surface or pressure washing to remove dirt from a polymeric rubber track.

We will also repair any damage to your surfaces if it has become worn out through heavy use. Ensure you get in touch with us through our enquiry form if you need a price for athletics surface maintenance.

All of the high jump fans and additional equipment we supply is specially designed to meet IAAF requirements so you can be sure you’ll get a professional facility.

Landing mats may be supplied in various area sizes to meet the requirements of your organisation.

For example, a school recreational facility would not need the same size as the high-jump landing mat as a professional sports club.

This will help cut costs for your project if you are only looking to install a simple practice area rather than a facility for competitive use.

The professional crossbars and stands our company offers also come in several specifications, allowing you to choose the right specification for your individual project.

This will ensure you have a bespoke, high-jump area that suits your budget and performance needs.

We have worked with many organisations such as clubs, high schools and colleges as athletics surfacing specialists, and we always offer each client a unique service.

Whether you need the full construction of brand new professional high jump fans, or you are just looking for equipment to go with your existing facility, we can help.

Please use the contact form on this page to send us over your details, and we will get back to you with more information on the costs of our track and field services.

Our local expert team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding high-jump fans, including designs, surface types, costs, and maintenance, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

What is the Goal of the High Jump?

The goal of high jumping is to clear (leap over) a crossbar that rests at progressively higher heights between two upright standards that are about 4 m (13 ft) apart.

Each contestant has three chances to clear each height. To clear the bar, most jumpers today use a technique known as the Fosbury flop.

Standing high jump has the same goal except that athletes jump without run-up.

What are the Skills in High Jump?


A high jumper must sprint quickly toward her take-off location, even if she isn't as fast as a long jumper.

She transforms her forward energy to the vertical velocity at the last possible instant to leap up and over the bar. The run-up is usually curved, so the jumper takes off sideways on the bar.

Sprinting drills, as well as special speed and run-up workouts, are used to improve speed.


Power, often known as elastic strength, is strength exhibited at a high rate. A squat leap is all about power, whereas a heavy squat is all about strength.

The actions are identical, but the velocity for jumping is much higher. Power is both an inherent ability and one that may be enhanced through training.

Plyometrics, or jump-training exercises, are frequently employed to improve a jumper's ability to create power.


The Fosbury flop, the most common high-jump method, necessitates a considerable deal of flexibility in order for the jumper to stay as near to the bar as possible in order to clear the highest height.

The jumper can literally wrap herself around the bar thanks to her high back arch before flipping her legs and feet free.

Stretching should be done on a regular basis to enhance flexibility and should target all of the key muscles and joints.

Aerial Awareness

The ability to sense where you are in relation to the ground is known as aerial awareness. Aerial awareness is developed through practice and is required for successful high jumping.

The athlete must be aware of her position in relation to the bar and the landing pad in order to avoid landing awkwardly or accidentally clipping the bar with her foot or any other body part.

How do you Execute a High Jump?

Drive your hands forward and forward with all of your efforts, jumping as high as you can. To gain greater height, drive your take-off knee into the air as forcefully as possible.

What is a Good Height for a High Jump?

Being tall has long been associated with the ability to jump high. You can't be a successful high jumper just because you're tall. The only benefit of height is that it raises the athlete's centre of gravity off the ground.

How Many Jumps do you get in the High Jump?

At each height, athletes are given three chances to clear the crossbar. A high jumper is eliminated from the competition if he or she fails to clear the bar in three successive jumps.

Amateur Athletics Association

The sports and athletics sector identifies Amateur Athletic Association as AAA. This is the oldest body for athletics, and it was about ahead of UKA.

AAA is far more involved in the volunteering section of athletics and sports and does not govern anymore.

The association work in many institutions in the UK. This includes schools, colleges as well as athletics clubs near me.

Quite a lot of challenges and events are available to younger athletes by the AAA to assist them to improve their sporting abilities.

These kinds of competitions help build kids for potential sports and also athletics careers with things like

  • High jump
  • Long jump
  • Running

The Amateur Athletic Association, in addition, has taken on the role of protecting the historical past of the sport. The best athletes will often be awarded valuable and historical medals and trophies by the AAA.

The aims for the sports & athletics niche are to build enthusiasm and assist in the progression of younger athletes.

The Amateur Athletic Association runs National Championships to enhance participation in children’s sports.

The AAA could finance sports and athletics equipment and sponsorships because they give cash to competitions, including the National Championships, when possible.

Since AAA now represents the volunteering part of this sport, UKA and British Athletics are now the governing authorities.


AAA Standards Scheme

AAA standards scheme grades athletes on track and field events concerning distances or times.

Performances in previous years are utilized to develop these standards; this results in four grades where the best sports athletes could fall under.

Directories of information that have been added through the years are employed to produce the overall performance standards criteria.

These requirements are awarded to youngsters with badges together with certificates.

The AAA will also give away plaques to young children who accomplish Grade 1, increasing the number of people involved in athletics.

The AAA Charity for the Young present small grants to younger athletes looking to start their careers.

Fitting smaller sized and more cost effective nearby sports facilities is starting to become popular in the UK for establishments aiming to produce beginner's opportunities.

Many schools find it difficult to update their athletics areas for several sporting activities, which means youngsters cannot get involved in these sports.

This may be because of a lack of spending budget or not enough outdoor space for the institution to install on. We can modify designs and specifications to match different budgets and requirements.

By using these, nearby youngsters are capable of better running, jumping, and throwing skills that are part of the FUNdamental phases of development.

Beginners Athletic Facilities Near Me

Youngsters will be introduced to several activities, helping to increase the number of children taking part in compact sports.

Primary beginners athletic facilities typically consist of run tracks, throwing circles and even jumping run ups. Multi activity facilities can be produced by setting up a single track; you can utilise this for 

  • Long jump
  • Relay races
  • Hurdles

This is suitable for schools where there isn't adequate space for the standard 400m circuit.

Given that the individuals may then participate in various events, a few might find a specific one that they enjoy and want to continue in a qualified standard centre.

A single problem impacting young children's involvement in sports & athletics is a shortage of facilities directed at beginners and entry-level sports athletes.

It's been suggested these sports should be made available to kids from as small as primary school KS one up to secondary school.

Cooperating with England Athletics plus Sport England, UKA has developed a new provision for athletics activities.

We may install the newest design in bright colours to appeal to younger people, which is also more cost-effective.

This means it is a fantastic basic level sports and athletics facility for academic institutions and their surrounding areas.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more information or ask any questions you may be unsure of. Our experts are happy to help!

Recreational School Features

Recreational school features closest to you can be installed to suit nearly every site and spending plan and enable essential athletics skills to be taught and practised, enjoyed and even developed.

Many establishments decide to have long jump run ups in addition to high-jump fans installed within their compact athletics facility.

Where there is a shortage of space, we will reduce the dimensions and design of certain sport facilities.

The flexibleness of the design of compact sports and athletics facilities means that they are highly relevant to various cases.

For many projects, we can enhance current sports activity and play areas in academic institutions to create a more varied sporting provision.

Children of each school key stages may benefit from self-improvement when learning additional skills through different sports.

One good reason it is important to improve your athletics facility would be to encourage kids to participate in these sports.

If a school is looking for a much more cost-effective basic level product, the compact facilities are great for cutting costs if you only need a recreational space.

If you'd like the children at your establishment to develop physical activity skills, it is suggested that you have a smaller sized facility put in as FUNdamentals are presented.

UKA looks to enhance interest in athletics, and presenting accessible facilities for children is a big step to this aim.

Since the IAAF and IPC World Championships were being held in London in 2017, more and more young children will begin to become involved.

The strategic placement of new facilities will be crucial in catching this demand and supplying feeder pathways into athletics activity in clubs.

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